Armenia Programs

The Armenia Programs Committee, formed in 1991 in response to the newly-gained independence of Armenia, coordinates the efforts of the Association and its members regarding legal projects in Armenia. The Association has sponsored seminars and conferences designed to facilitate legal reform and to develop the legal practice in Armenia. Many of our members have enjoyed working visits with judges, law students, legal institutions and parliamentarians to help promote the rule of law.

Armenian Rights Watch

The Armenian Rights Watch Committee monitors and takes action on issues affecting Armenians on the local, national and international levels. Members meet with international human rights organizations, raise media awareness of the Armenian Genocide and related issues, and join community task forces to battle discrimination and hate crimes against minorities.

Continuing Legal Education

The Continuing Legal Education Committee sponsors legal seminars for the Association's members in an effort to promote professional growth.

Grants & Scholarship

The Grants Committee seeks and applies for governmental and privately endowed grants to fund its activities, such as the rule of law projects in Armenia, domestic legal assistance programs and exchange programs. The Scholarship Committee raises funds to support meritorious students of Armenian descent attending, or accepted for admission to, an approved law school in the United States, Armenia or elsewhere.

Membership Development

The Membership Development Committee reaches out to potential members by keeping the multitude of individuals joining the legal profession informed of the Association's agenda. The committee also implements programs and activities to channel the interests of existing members.


The Association's Newsletter Committee publishes the Newsletter, which apprises members of the Association's activities and informs them of events in the Armenian world community which warrant the Association's attention.  It also features articles of human interest. The Newsletter is published on a quarterly basis.

Pro Bono

The Pro Bono Committee facilitates access to basic legal services for those in need and apprises Armenian immigrants of their rights and responsibilities. The committee maintains close working relationships with prominent legal and social service agencies, and state bar associations.

Student Affairs

The Student Relations Committee cultivates and helps advance the careers of law students by offering periodic seminars and lectures, and by involving law students in the Association and its activities.  To learn more about our Student Mentorship Program, click here.


The purpose of the Resource Development/Fundraising Committee is to establish a structure for effective fundraising for the organization, evaluating the organization's future financial needs and goals; creating a long-range fundraising plan and updating it yearly; instituting a public-relations program; reporting to foundations or large donors on specific projects; and visiting major donors.

Genocide Project Committee

The Committee has been involved in two major projects. The first was the location of funds held by Armenians in banks before 1915, especially the Ottoman Bank. The Committee has obtained certain records of deposits within the Bank, which was a foreign-owned bank that dominated banking in the latter days of the Ottoman Empire. Many Armenian names, as well as the names of Greek, Arab, and Assyrian depositors, appear on the rolls. The Committee has contacted representatives of the legal organizations of those ethnic groups in an attempt to consolidate efforts toward obtaining those funds for survivors and their descendants. There are few records left in survivors' families, and the old Ottoman Bank's deposits have been scattered throughout several banks in Turkey, which makes the funds difficult to trace.

The other major project has centered upon the life insurance cases, especially Marootian v. New York Life Insurance Company. The Chair cooperates with the Co-chairs of the Armenian Rights Watch Committee in monitoring the progress of those cases and in developing possible positions the Armenian Bar Association could take.

Nominations Committee

The purpose of the Nominations Committee is to establish and implement practices and procedures for the consideration and naming of candidates for the election of members to the Board of Governors.

Social Media Committee

The purpose of the Social Media Committee is to maintain current information on the Armenian Bar Association Website and expand the site’s usefulness to members.